The Sensual 

Feline in nature, I am as likely to frolic come nightfall as I am to lounge in sunlight. I value connection, authenticity, and taking the time to explore our unique chemistry. You will find me open-minded, soft-hearted, and wild-spirited. A hedonist, I am one to chase thrills and savour pleasures. Touch feeds me; skin to skin, warmth, intimacy. My vivacious, teasing, and mischievous nature is tempered by tenderness, care, and consideration.

All these contradictions nest inside a striking package. My elegant features speaks of my East Asian heritage but my charm is all Montréal. My smooth skin and firm body will leave you exhilarated, intoxicated, and wanting more.

Come play with me.

 The Physical 

5 foot 4

115 pounds

Fit and petite

Mid twenties



Chin-length, straight bangs, purple streaks

A few playful piercing (nape, nose)

A couple colorful tattoos

Minimal make-up 

 The Personal 

I am building my career in a helping profession. Care is essential in all that I do. I am particularly passionate about serving marginalized population. Bright and insightful, I am well read and well spoken. To reach my depths, connect with me beyond the physical. Stimulate me with radical ideas and soulful conversations.

I enjoy bike travel, aerial silks, rock climbing, pole dance, and outdoor adventures. I feel grounded in the natural world and movement. These activities are what make me feel alive. I come to you vibrant; my body will carry marks from the rich life I live. If you seek a perfectly painted doll on a shelf, she is not I. Je suis une bonne vivante; I enjoy good food, fine spirits, all the earthly indulgences. 

My bustling life means that I prioritize fewer but quality encounters.  This allows me to be present and connect with you fully.